: Virtual design of abutments and provisionals

Any questions? Please call us, we´ll show you the details.

Would you like to provide your patient with a provisonal prosthetics directly within the surgery?

We have a real contemporary solution. It´s possible to export the planned implant-position out of smop and re-import it into the CAD-software.

Now the normal designprocess could start without any real implant-model. So we could deliver stl-files of the individual abutment and prosthstetics [crowns, bridges and removables] without complicated processes like drilling into the plaster with your surgical guide. It´s also possible to create a printed model from this situation or to provide a helpful splint for the orientation of the abutmens.

Production at one of our experienced partners is possible, of course.


But we are happy to send you the stl-files for your own production as well.

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