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: Stentdesign and 3D-printing

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The virtual construction of surgical stents is one of our main activities. We are using the smop-system.

Since the beginning of this digital technique at Swissmeda we are involved in their development. Starting in 2012 we´ve created lots of designs - more than 10.000 real cases have been solved with our stents.

As a premium-partner of Swissmeda we are responsible for the education of other service partners.

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We are designing open structured but very stable stents taking care of your surgical strategy. You decide if you like to raise a flap or act minimally invasive.

The touchingpoints are defined exactly and individually during this process. The result is a very stable fit with a "snap-on" effect using clamps. Your view on the operation site is as open as possible and cooling liquids reach the right places. By the way edentulous situation are no problem as well.

At the end the software creates an open stl-file so you can decide where [and how] to produce it.

Printing with the poly-jet technique is one of the most common ways of our clients. We are producing them on an Objet Eden 260V with the bio-compatible material med610.

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