: All Inclusive

This area represents the combination of all our competences.

All you need to do is to send the DICOM-data of your patient and the actual models [or stl-files], the rest is up to us. We will organize the whole procedure for you.

We load up the data, scan the models [if necessary] and place them correctly.

The planning of the implants will be done together with you.

After your approval we will design the guide, print and ship it on time for your surgery.

Your team will receive a surgical plan containing detailed information about the planned implants so that they could be ordered in time, as well.

This results in a reduction of your efforts to a minimum.

Most of the time you just need 2 minutes per implant and therefore you can concentrate on your other patients instead of learning how to use the software.

Astonishingly we could offer all this with an extreme competitive price costing you only a little more than if you would do everything on your own.


Curious? We are looking forward to your call.

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